2017-2018 General Catalog 
    May 20, 2018  
2017-2018 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Education & Bachelor Degree Requirements

There are two types of course requirements that are usually referred to together as “Gen Ed.”

  1. General Education.  These lower-division requirements (see full list below) are usually taken toward the beginning of your time at the U.  Students who transfer to the U from other institutions with an Associate’s Degree or more may have these requirements already met.  Talk to your adviser if you think your courses from another institution haven’t transferred and should. 
  2. Bachelor Degree.  These upper division requirements (see full list below) can only be met by taking courses at the University of Utah (there are a handful of exceptions to this. Talk to your adviser about these).

General Education Requirements & Courses List

Click HERE to download student worksheet and breakdown of requirements.

American Institutions (AI)

Take one course:

Writing (WR2)

Take one course:

Quantitative Reasoning (QA/QB or QR)

Take one QA (Mathematics) and one QB (Statistics/Logic) course or one QR (QA-Mathematics and QB-Statistics/Logic) course:

*The BFA and BMus students are not required to complete the QB requirement.

Intellecutal Explorations Area Requirements

Take two courses in each of the disciplinary areas below except the one that you major in.

*BS in Games students will be required to complete two courses from each area.

  • Fine Arts Exploration (FF)

Take two courses:

Take two courses:

  • Physical/Life Science Exploration (SF/AS)

Take two SF courses or one SF and one AS (Applied Science) course:

Take two courses:

Bachelor Degree Requirements & Course Lists

Diversity (DV)

Take one course:

International (IR)

Take one course:

Upper-Division Communication and Writing (CW)

Take one course:

Bachelor of Science - Quantitative Intensive (QI)

Take two courses if you are pursuing the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree:

Bachelor of Arts - Language

See course list for the language requirements if you are pusuing a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree:

Interstate Passport Network

The Interstate Passport enables successful transfer of completed lower-division general education requirements and Passport courses and learning outcomes, which may be in addition to general education requirements, to out-of-state institutions participating in the Interstate Passport Network, and to all Utah public institutions. Students who complete all institutional general education requirements and the Passport at a USHE institution will not be required to repeat or take additional course work to meet lower-division general education requirements when they transfer to another Passport institution, except as required by state statutes. Successful completion of Passport courses and learning outcomes will be noted on students’ transcripts. Students with an interest in earning the Interstate Passport should contact their academic advisor.

Other Information about General Education & Bachelor Degree Requirements

MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of General Education (GE) requirements is to address three kinds of learning outcomes.  First, GE courses should help students develop core competencies in critical thinking, quantitative literacy, visual fluency, collaboration and written and oral communication.  Second, these courses should help students confront and understand significant issues in the world and learn to explore those issues through a range of different perspectives. Finally, in addressing core competencies and significant issues through knowledge discovery, application, and dissemination, GE requirements prepare students to have an impact on their communities through creative and collaborative problem solving.  

LEARNING OUTCOMES: As part of the University of Utah’s implementation of R470, or the State of Utah’s policy mandating that state institutions of higher education deliver general education programs within certain guidelines, the University endorses a set of Learning Outcomes which describes what the university expects, in a broad sense, students to achieve through completing the general education program as well as the bachelor degree requirements. Students will see these learning outcomes in their General Education courses.

OVERSIGHT: The approval of General Education and Bachelor Degree Requirement designations for courses is done by the General Education Curriculum Committee (GECC), which is run by the Office of Undergraduate Studies. The GECC reviews each designation on all courses every five years. The addition of new designations to courses is also approved by the Undergraduate Council.