2018-2019 General Catalog 
    Apr 21, 2018  
2018-2019 General Catalog

Bachelor Degree Requirements

MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of Bachelor Degree requirements is twofold. First, these requirements should deepen students’ development of core competencies in communication, through the CW requirement, and quantitative literacy, through the QI requirement. Second, through the diversity (DV) and international (IR) requirements students should develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions that they need in order to have a meaningful impact in an increasingly diverse and global citizenry.

GOAL: The overall objective of the General Education program at the University of Utah is to fulfill the requirements of the State of Utah’s policy R470 which mandates that state institutions of higher education deliver general education programs within certain guidelines.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: As part of the University of Utah’s implementation of R470, the University endorses a set of Learning Outcomes which describes what the university expects, in a broad sense, students to achieve through completing the general education program as well as the bachelor degree requirements. Students will see these learning outcomes in their General Education courses.

OVERSIGHT: The approval of General Education and Bachelor Degree Requirement designations for courses is done by the General Education Curriculum Committee (GECC), which is run by the Office of Undergraduate Studies. The GECC reviews each designation on all courses every five years. The addition of new designations to courses is also approved by the Undergraduate Council.

Bachelor Degree Requirements

Click HERE for a student worksheet and list of requirements.

Upper-Division Communication/Writing (CW)
Diversity (DV)
Upper-Division International (IR)
BS Quantitative Intensive (QI)
BA Language