2014-2015 General Catalog 
    Mar 23, 2018  
2014-2015 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ASTR 7130 - Radiative Processes

4 Credit(s)

Enrollment Requirement: Prerequisite: Graduate Standing in Physics and Astronomy.
Components: Lecture

Our knowledge about celestial objects and the universe is largely obtained by observations of electromagnetic radiation. This course will provide students a working knowledge of the fundamental processes related to radiation and the applications in astrophysics, including topics on the generation, propagation, and scattering of radiation. This research-oriented course focuses on providing physical insights into radiative processes. The goal is to give students a solid background in radiative physical processes, and to apply it to research work. This course has 4 credit hours. PHYS/ASTR 7130 fulfills the same degree requirements as PHYS 7120 and may be taken as a substitute for PHYS 7120. Students are expected to have a background in intermediate electromagnetic theory, introductory quantum mechanics, basics of special relativity, and some statistical mechanics.

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