2014-2015 General Catalog 
    Apr 22, 2018  
2014-2015 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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PHYS 3030 - Discovering Complex Systems

3 Credit(s)

Cross-listed: HONOR 3030  
Enrollment Requirement: Prerequisites: Honors Student in Physics. Co-requisites: MATH 1010  OR Equivalent.
Requirement Designation: Quantitative Reasoning (Statistics/Logic)
Attributes: Honors Course
Components: Lecture

This course introduces the understanding of complex dynamical systems. This relatively new field crosses a number of disciplines including computer science and engineering mathematics, physics, biology, ecology, urban geography, business and finance. The essential feature of a complex system is that it is composed of many independent, but strongly interacting components. In such a system, often the interactions result in behavior of the system as a whole that is difficult, if not impossible to predict from the properties and characteristics of the individual components. When effects of this type occur, such as in the case of spontaneous order (e.g. formation of crystals, the basic workings of an economy), they are known as ‘emergent behaviors.’

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