2017-2018 General Catalog 
    Mar 24, 2018  
2017-2018 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Music

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The School of Music is a member of, and accredited by, the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM), and requirements for entrance and graduation are in accordance with NASM guidelines.

College of Fine Arts
Music Office: DGH 204
Mailing Address: School of Music, University of Utah, 1375 E. Presidents Cir., Rm. 204, Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0030
Phone: 801-581-6762
Website: www.music.utah.edu

Director, School of Music: Miguel Chuaqui, PhD 

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The School of Music offers the prospective performing musician, teacher, composer, arranger, music theorist, and music historian thorough and intensive professional training in all aspects of the art.

Undergraduate Program

The School of Music offers B.A., H.B.A., B.Mus., and H.B.Mus. degrees in Music, a minor in Music, and a minor and certificate in Music Technology. The School of Music also offers 13 emphases: Classical Guitar Performance, Instrumental Performance, Jazz Composition, Jazz Performance, Music Composition, Music Education (Choral and Instrumental), Music History & Literature, Music Theory, Organ Performance, Piano Pedagogy, Piano Performance, and Vocal Performance. Please see the Program and Course Offerings section for more information.

Admission Requirements

All potential applicants must audition on their primary instrument or voice. Please see the School of Music website and program pages for more information.

Returning students are required to reapply for acceptance as music majors when there has been an interruption in music study at the University for more than twelve months, unless there is an approved leave for humanitarian or military service.


The School of Music offers some music scholarships and grants-in-aid awarded on the basis of performing and/or creative ability. Entering freshmen and transfer students are considered for these awards at the annual Music Audition Days held on campus each winter. Where travel is a problem, DVD or Digital recordings can usually be accepted in lieu of a personal appearance. Continuing students are considered on the basis of their record at the University. For information, write the School of Music Scholarship Committee.

Transfer Credits

Transfer credit in music courses is accepted from NASM-accredited institutions. However, placement examinations are required. Determining levels of competency may be required for music courses taken at another institution when there has been an interruption of study.

All credit in major conducted ensembles and private instruction will be accepted by the University of Utah. However, the School of Music requires that a minimum of one half of the degree requirement for performing ensembles and one half of the degree requirement for vocal/instrumental private study for all music degrees be taken in residence at the University of Utah. Auditions are required for skill-level placement for both performing ensembles and private study.

B.A. Degree

The Bachelor of Arts Degree is offered for students interested in music as part of a broadly based liberal arts program with emphasis in humanistic and liberal studies. Fewer music courses are required than for the professional B.Mus degree, with additional studies required in liberal arts areas, especially in languages, history, philosophy, and aesthetics.

B.Mus. Degree

The Bachelor of Music degree is the professional degree in performance, theory, composition, history/literature, and education for music majors.

Certification for teaching choral or instrumental music in the public schools is offered through the School of Education following completion of the specified School of Music courses. Counseling prior to the first semester of registration is absolutely vital for the timely completion of this very specific program of study.

Non-Music Majors

The School of Music offers opportunities for broadly based studies of musical arts and culture and for participation in musical performing ensembles of professional and semiprofessional quality. Non-music majors are invited to participate in performance ensembles by audition and in the academic program on a space-available basis.

Graduate Program

The School of Music offers M.A., M.Mus., D.M.A, and Ph.D. degrees in Music. Please see the Program and Course Offerings section for more information.

Admission Requirements

There are additional admission requirements for this program. Please see the Program and Course Offerings section for more information.

Graduation Requirements

Graduate students are required to maintain a 3.0 or higher grade point average. A grade of “B-” or better is required for all graduate music courses.

Program and Course Offerings


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