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University of Utah    
  Jan 24, 2018
2017-2018 General Catalog

Nutrition and Integrative Physiology

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College of Health
Address: 214 Health Physical Education and Recreation North Building
Phone: 801-581-6730

Department Chair: Scott Summers, Ph.D.
Vice-Chair: Julie Metos, Ph.D.

The Department of Nutrition and Integrative Physiology at the University of Utah is an academic unit within the College of Health, which is currently one of the largest colleges at the University of Utah, and serves over 2000 undergraduate and graduate students. The Department supports the mission and vision of the Health Sciences Center and the University of Utah through excellence in education, research, clinical services and community outreach. The Department is an exciting place to learn about the breadth of the field of nutrition and integrative physiology, prepare for a career as a health care professional or further schooling, and participate in community action to improve health for all. Faculty members are nationally recognized scholars who are advancing health science and behavioral change that can improve health for all.

Undergraduate Program

Please see the Nutrition Minor listed in the Program and Course Offerings section.

Graduate Program

The Department of Nutrition & Integrative Physiology offers excellent opportunities for graduate education. The curriculum is based on strong foundations in biological sciences research. Students receive a broad exposure to classroom, clinical, and research settings and benefit from the University’s interdisciplinary approach to health sciences education.

Faculty provide expertise in integrative physiology including biomechanics, metabolism and cardiovascular applications as well as clinical and community nutrition, sports nutrition, food systems management, nutrition in health promotion, dietary supplement evaluation, nutrition and the life cycle (maternal, neonatal, pediatric, adolescent, and geriatric), nutrition in chronic disease management, vitamin and mineral metabolism, nutrition counseling, and nutrition education.

Please see the Nutrition & Integrative Physiology M.S. and Ph.D. listed in the Program and Course Offerings section.

Prerequisites and Transfers

A maximum of nine semester hours may be transferred from another institution and a maximum of 12 semester hours may be taken as a non-matriculated University of Utah student, if recommended by the student’s supervisory committee. Undergraduate prerequisite courses in biology, chemistry, nutrition, economics, writing, mathematics, psychology, and sociology are required for admission. An undergraduate degree in nutrition is not a prerequisite for admission to this program. For additional information see the division website

The College of Health is part of the Health Sciences Center, which includes the School of Medicine and colleges of Nursing and Pharmacy. An interdisciplinary approach to health is emphasized. The student has the opportunity to obtain additional instruction and guidance from the faculty in medicine, public health, biochemistry, and pharmacy.

Program and Course Offerings




      NutritionNutrition and Integrative Physiology

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