2018-2019 General Catalog 
    Mar 19, 2018  
2018-2019 General Catalog


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David Eccles School of Business
Department Office: SFEBB 7124
Phone: 801-581-7415

Department Chair: Harris Sondak, Ph.D.

Undergraduate Program

Many professional careers require leaders skilled in the management of individuals and groups, and all organizations need managers and leaders who understand organizational culture, can adapt to or inspire change, can identify and implement effective strategies, and are capable of coordinating and facilitating the efforts of others to accomplish organizational goals.  The undergraduate management degree in the David Eccles School of Business is designed to provide management majors with a deeper understanding of leadership and a broad conceptual foundation to recognize the challenges managers and leaders face in the 21st century.  

Coursework in the undergraduate management major provides students with (a) the knowledge, abilities, and essential skills to assume managerial and leadership roles in a variety of organizations, (b) an understanding of how organizations work, and how human interaction and workplace behavior affect an organization, (c) an understanding of how to conceptualize, plan, organize, and facilitate the performance of people within organizations, (d) an appreciation for the underlying theories that afford insight related to the organization, its leaders, its participants, and its overall effectiveness, and an awareness of the recent theories and current practices that influence behavior in an organizational setting, and (e) the acquisition of advanced communication and team skills necessary to effectively lead and collaborate with individuals and groups who represent a diversity of backgrounds and interests.

Please see Management B.A., B.S., H.B.A., and H.B.S listed in the Program and Course Offerings for more information.

Admission Requirements

For additional information see program pages.

Non-business Majors

Non-business majors must receive permission from Undergraduate Advising Services before registering for restricted undergraduate level courses (1000-5999 level).

Programs and Course Offerings


    Undergraduate Major



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