2018-2019 General Catalog 
    Apr 21, 2018  
2018-2019 General Catalog

Educational Leadership & Policy

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College of Education
Department Office: 2220 Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts and Education Complex (SAEC)
Mailing Address: 1721 Campus Center Dr., Rm. 2220, Salt Lake City, UT 84112-8914
Phone: 801-581-6714
Website: elp.utah.edu

Chair: Gerardo Lopez, PhD
Administrative Assistant: Katie Lewis
Academic Coordinator: Marilynn Howard
K-12 MEd Program Supervisor: Shari Fraser, EdD
Higher Education MEd with an emphasis in Student Affairs Program Supervisor: Sharon Aiken-Wisniewski, PhD
Director of Graduate Studies: Larry Parker, PhD (Doctoral Student Advisor)

The Department of Educational Leadership, a division of the College of Education, emphasizes the application of theory and research to the practice of administration in K-12 schools as well as preparation for scholarly and administrative endeavors in higher education or other educational policy arenas. As a result of the department’s strong national reputation (consistently ranked among the top fifteen Educational Administration Departments in the country) and faculty members’ leadership in national organizations such as the University Council for Educational Administration, the American Educational Research Association, and the Association for the Study of Higher Education, students are kept abreast of the latest theory, research, and programmatic advancements within the field.

The department provides research and training opportunities through liaison with many local and state education agencies and associations such as surrounding school districts, the Utah State Office of Education, the Board of Regents, and the Utah Consortium for Educational Leadership (UCEL).

Graduate Program

Please see the Educational Leadership and Policy MEd, MPhil, EdD, and PhD degrees listed in the Program and Course Offerings section.

MEd/K-12 Administrative Licensure Program

The Master’s of Education in K-12 Educational Leadership with Administrative Licensure is a two-year professional program. The program is designed to help aspiring administrators develop the knowledge and skills essential for effective administrative performance in educational organizations. As a professional program, course work and internship experiences develop both theoretical understandings and clinical skills. Upon successful completion of the program, master’s candidates will be awarded an MEd degree.

Candidates may also be eligible for the Utah Basic Administrative/Supervisory license. In order to qualify for the license a student must: 1) complete a master’s degree; 2) hold a valid Utah level 2 license; 3) complete a K-12 internship; 4) pass required exam.

MEd/K-12 Teacher Leadership Program

The Teacher Leadership MEd program is a two year degree seeking professional program (36 credit hours) intended for educators with a current level 1 or 2 educator license.  Teacher Leadership students take core coursework with a leadership emphasis in the Educational Leadership and Policy Department combined with an elective course in an individual area of interest related to their intended professional development.  Upon successful completion of the program, candidates earn a master’s degree (MEd) in Educational Leadership and Policy.

The program is intended to support educators in developing the knowledge and skills specific to leadership and support efforts in effective teacher leadership opportunities in K12 schools.  The knowledge and skills promoted in the program lead to the fundamental goals of improving learning for all students while creating democratic school communities.  As such, the program places a strong emphasis on issues surrounding social justice and education.  The purpose is to develop Teacher Leadership candidates that raise student achievement, close the achievement gap, and create democratic and just school communities. 

MEd/Student Affairs Administration

The MEd with a specialization in student affairs administration is a two-year program designed to provide advanced preparation for students interested in student affairs careers in higher education. Courses in the program address issues for higher education administrators such as retention, assessment, and college student development.

PhD Program

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) students are expected to develop expertise in theory and research related to leadership education. This program is designed especially for those who seek careers as university professors, researchers, high-level analysts or leaders in educational agencies. In pursuit of these aims, students will complete course work in five distinct domains: educational leadership and policy core, content specialization (students, leadership and organizations, policy, or critical studies), research methods, research apprenticeship, and independent research in the form of a dissertation. Students must also meet a residency requirement which includes the Graduate School enrollment requirement (full-time enrollment for two consecutive semester terms).

EdD Program (K-12 and Higher Education)

The Doctor of Education (EdD) Program is designed to provide advanced preparation to individuals with experience working as administrators in K-12 schools or in higher education colleges and universities. Based on a model of professional inquiry, the EdD Program emphasizes the use of theory in directing its field-based approach to problem solving. Students will study theory and research in the core domains of organization, leadership, inquiry methods, and in selected areas of specialization. They will use the knowledge gained in these areas of study to frame problems of administrative practice and to seek, critically examine, and apply information to solve problems.

Admission Requirements

Please visit the Ed.D Admission Page for specific admission requirements www.elp.utah.edu.

On this site you will find contact information, application materials, deadlines, testing information and other program requirements.

Financial Aid/Scholarships/Graduate Assistantships

Contact department office (801) 581-6714 or website elp.utah.edu.

Program and Course Offerings





      Educational Leadership & Policy

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