2018-2019 General Catalog 
    Mar 22, 2018  
2018-2019 General Catalog

Naval Science

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College of Social and Behavioral Science
Naval Science Department
Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC)
Department Office: Naval Science Building, (801) 581-6723
E-mail: nrotc@navsci.utah.edu

Department Chair and Professor of Naval Science: CAPT Mark F. Springer, USN
Associate Professor and Executive Officer: Major Tyler Holt, USMC
Assistant Professors: LT S. Feeney, USN and LT M. McIntyre, USN

NOTE: All Naval Science classes are open to all University of Utah students, regardless of any affiliation or non-affiliation with the NROTC Program.


To develop midshipmen and officer candidates mentally, morally and physically, and to instill in them the highest ideals of Honor, Courage, Commitment. To commission college graduates as Naval Officers who possess a professional background, are motivated toward careers in the Naval Service, and have a potential for future development in mind and character in order to assume the highest responsibilities of command, citizenship, and government.

Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps Program

A military program created to educate young men and women while preparing them for military service in the Department of the Navy as commissioned officers. Selected applicants are awarded NROTC scholarships through a highly competitive national selection process. The recipient will be a commissioned Navy or Marine Corps officer upon graduation and is obligated to a minimum of 5 years active duty in the U.S. Navy or 4 years active duty in the Marine Corps. The scholarship recipient will receive full tuition and other financial benefits including books, class fees and $250 per month subsistence for their freshman year (increases $50 each year thereafter) at the University of Utah. NROTC scholarships do not pay for room and board.

  • Be a U.S. citizen.
  • Be 17 years old by September 1 of the first year of college and younger than 23 years old on December 31 of the year. Must not have reached their 27th birthday by December 31st in the year in which you are eligible for graduation and commissioned status. An age waiver may be granted for prior active military service. See your local NROTC coordinator for details.
  • Be a high school graduate or possess equivalency certificate by August 1 of the same year that entrance into the four-year NROTC Program is anticipated.
  • Be physically qualified by Navy or Marine Corps standards.
  • Have no moral obligations or personal convictions that will prevent conscientious bearing of arms and supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic.
  • Apply for and gain admission to NROTC colleges. (Admission to an NROTC institution is not required during the selection process.) However, notification of admission must be received before the scholarship can be activated.
  • Achieve qualifying scores on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Test (ACT).
Four-Year Scholarships

Recipients of the National Four-Year scholarship receive full tuition, textbook allowance, a monthly stipend, and a commissioning upon graduation. For more information visit, www.nrotc.navy.mil 

Two- or Three-Year Scholarships

Similar to the four-year scholarship, but only provided for a length of two or three years. The benefits are the same as the four year scholarship.

College Program

Applicants must already be attending or enrolled at the University. The applicant will receive uniforms and books for the Naval Science program, and compete for scholarships to earn a commissioning upon graduation. If selected for “advanced standing” the recipient will receive a stipend for a maximum of 20 months. For more information visit www.nrotc.utah.edu 

Navy-Nurse Scholarship

This is no longer offered at the NROTC Unit.

LDS Mission Leave Policy

Approval must be obtained from the Commander of Naval Service Training Command (NSTC), students may be granted a 24-month leave of absence to serve an LDS mission.

Graduation Requirements

NROTC students must complete certain academic courses in conjunction with degree requirements for their major as well as Naval Science courses.


Calculus (6 hrs) N, S21
Physics (6 hrs) N, S21
English (6 hrs) All
Military History/National Security Policy (3 hrs) N, M, CPN, CPM
World Culture/Regional (3 hrs) N, CPN, S21
Math (6 hrs) CPN, CPM
Physical Science (6 hrs) CPN, CPM

Naval Science Courses

NVSC 1010: Intro. Naval Science (2 hrs) N, M, CPN, CPM
NVSC 1020: Seapower & Maritime (3 hrs) N, M, CPN, CPM
NVSC 2000: Leadership & Management (3 hrs) N, M, S21, CPN, CPM
NVSC 2020: Naval Systems II (3 hrs) N, CPN
NVSC 2110: Evol. Warfare (3 hrs) M, MECEP, CPM
NVSC 3010: Navigation (3 hrs) N, CPN
NVSC 3020: Naval Ops & Nav II (3 hrs) N, CPN
NVSC 3110: Amphib Warfare (3 hrs) M, CPM, MECEP
NVSC 3210: Bulldog Prep (2 hrs) M, CPM, MECEP
NVSC 4000: Naval Ship Systems I (3 hrs) N, CPN
NVSC 4020: Leadership & Ethics (3 hrs) N, S21, M, MECEP, CPN, CPM
N=Navy, S21=STA-21, M=Marines, CPN= College Programmer Navy, CPM=College Programmer Marines

Summer Training

NROTC Scholarship students are required to participate in three summer training cruises, which vary in length. College Programmers, who have received a scholarship, are required to participate in one summer training period at the end of their junior year. 

Programs and Course Offerings





      Naval Science

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