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University of Utah    
  Feb 20, 2018
2017-2018 General Catalog

Architectural Studies, M.S.

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375 S. 1530 E., RM 235
SLC, UT 84112-0370

Admission Requirements

The MSAS program is currently offering courses in the Architectural Technology and Historic Preservation tracks.  Additional tracks will be implemented in the future.

The Master of Science in Architectural Studies is a non-accredited post-professional degree program in the School of Architecture, College of Architecture + Planning, University of Utah.  Advanced Study in Architecture (M.S. in Architectural Studies). The program is appropriate as a post-professional degree in architecture. More specific discussion of program structure may be found on the School of Architecture website. Applicants will hold a professional degree in architecture. They should submit a portfolio, two letters of recommendation, and a written statement of purpose directly to the School of Architecture, in addition to submitting an application for Admission to Graduate School and required documentation to the University. If necessary, based on a portfolio, transcript review and possible diagnostic examination, some prerequisite work may be required. The student in conjunction with an advisory committee, designs a program of study in accordance with guidelines established by the University and School of Architecture.

Graduation Requirements

Students in all graduate programs are expected to make timely progress toward completion of their programs. Timely progress is defined as completing the equivalent of three semester courses per semester; progress at less than this rate without prior written permission of the director will result in dismissal from the program. No graduate course may be repeated without prior written permission of the director. Students whose graduate GPA falls below established standards will be placed on probation; see the Architecture Policy Handbook for restrictions and requirements concerning probation. All projects or other student work produced as part of an architecture class become the property of the School of Architecture and will be returned to students at the school’s discretion.

1. Required courses must be taken in all of the academic areas to fulfill the requirements for graduation, including introductory seminar, research methods, content and methods, area cognate, and master’s project.

2. The Introductory Seminar must be included in the first fall semester of the program.

3. Master’s Project is a one-semester course and must be completed during the final semester of the program.

4. Students must complete the equivalent of three semester courses per semester in order to demonstrate progress towards graduation. (Two session courses equal one semester course.) Progress at less than this rate without prior written permission of the dean will result in dismissal from the program.

Graduate students are encouraged to obtain architectural or allied office experience during the summer. Foreign students are expected to obtain 12 months of practical training, either as part-time work before graduation, full-time work following graduation, or a combination of the two.

Cost and Financial Aid

A tuition differential is assessed on the credit hours taken by students in the M.Arch. and M.S. programs. See Tuition Rate Schedules for architecture under Tuition and Fees on the University website. In addition to financial aid available through the Office of Financial Aid of the University, the School of Architecture offers both teaching assistantships and scholarships to its graduate students. Applications for teaching assistantships and scholarships are received and awards made during spring semester for the next academic year.