2017-2018 General Catalog 
    Apr 26, 2018  
2017-2018 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Civil Engineering, B.S.

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Major Requirements for Civil Engineering

The undergraduate program in Civil Engineering is accredited by: The Engineering Accreditation Commission of (ABET), www.abet.org.
Civil Engineering
Meldrum Civil Engineering Building 2012

Minimum Degree Hours: 127.50
Minimum Major Hours: 109.50

Admission Requirements

Direct Admission

Incoming Civil Engineering freshman for the 2017-2018 academic year who are offered direct admission into the College of Engineering will also be directly admitted to the Civil and Environmental Engineering program.

Pre-Engineering Status

Matriculated students are admitted as Pre-Engineering and are permitted to enroll in 1000-level engineering classes. Major Status is required to enroll in the Department’s higher level courses. Advancement to Major Status is required to graduate with a degree in Civil Engineering.

Major Status

Students with an Engineering Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.50 or higher may apply for Major Status upon completion of certain courses. Please visit our website for further details on claiming major status. 

Graduation Requirements

  • Students must maintain a minimum Engineering GPA of 2.50 
  • A minimum grade of a C is required in all math, chemistry, physics, CVEEN 2010, CVEEN 2300, CVEEN 2310 and CVEEN 2140.
  • Students are only allowed to repeat an Engineering GPA course once, the grade earned the second time is used to compute the GPA upon which Major Status and graduation decisions are based.

Honors in Civil Engineering

Students seeking an HBS in Civil Engineering must complete:

Major Status

Calculus Courses with a C or Better

or Accelerated Engineering Calculus I with a C or Better

Physics for Scientists and Engineers I with a C or Better

General Chemistry Course with a C or Better

Additional Math Courses with a C or Better

Complete 1 of the 3 options below:

Introductory Course with a C- or Better

Complete the Following Courses with a C or Better

Complete the Following Courses with a C- or Better

Additional Required 1000/2000 Level Courses

Complete the Following Classes with a C- or Better

Complete 1 course

Required 3000/4000 Level Courses

Primary Courses

Complete a minimum of 3 courses out of the 5 areas from the following options. 2 must be design courses.

Design Courses

Complete 2 courses

Total Primary Courses (Including Design Courses)

Complete 3 courses out of the 5 areas

Technical Electives

Complete 3 courses from the remaining Technical Electives

General Education Requirements Intellectual Exploration Courses

All Civil Engineering Students must fulfill the University ‘s G.E. requirements. Students with an Associate’s Degree should see the Academic Department.

Fine Arts Courses

Complete 2 courses

Humanities Courses

Complete 2 courses

Social Sciences Courses

Complete 2 courses

Sample 4-yr Degree Plan

Note: This is just a sample. Log into My Degree Dashboard (in CIS) and meet with your academic advisor to fit a program of study with your academic record.

The outline below is a suggested program of study for the B.S. degree in Civil Engineering. Required courses are designated by course numbers. A minimum of 127 credit hours is required for graduation.

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Fall Semester

Total 16.5

Spring Semester

Total 16

Senior Year

Fall Semester

  • CVEEN 4000 - Senior Seminar 0.5 Credit(s)
  • Intellectual Exploration (HF) - 3 Credit(s)
  • Intellectual Exploration (FF) - 3 Credit(s)
  • Technical Elective 3 Credit(s)
  • Technical Elective 3 Credit(s)
  • Technical Elective 3 Credit(s)
Total 15.5

Spring Semester

Total 15