2017-2018 General Catalog 
    May 24, 2018  
2017-2018 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Secondary School Teachers, M.S.

Master Requirements for Secondary School Teachers, M.S.

College of Science

The Center for Science and Mathematics Education offers a masters degree program tailored specifically for certified secondary school education teachers in mathematics and science.There are currently two different directions graduate students can participate in, which are; the Traditional MSSST Track and the Cohort MSSST Track.

The MSSST program aims to provide practicing teachers with a deeper and broader science background and to improve the quality of science and mathematics teaching in Utah. The major areas of emphasis are Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Earth Science. The desired applicant for the MSSST program is a professional science or mathematics teacher who intends to continue teaching and become a leader in their field. Applicants can apply to any area of emphasis they chose but need to have a BS degree in a science or math field. Many teachers chose to pursue a MSSST degree in a field that is not their specialty in order to obtain endorsements or broaden their understanding of science. Once accepted into the program, you will select a graduate committee to help you design your program of study, guide your master’s project, and monitor your performance and progress.

Admission Requirements

  • A valid teaching certificate
  • Currently teaching science or mathematics in a secondary school in Utah
  • At least three years teaching experience


Traditional Students

Traditional students will major in one of the following areas, biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics and astronomy; which will culminate in the granting degree of Masters of Science “Biology” (Teaching). Traditional students will work with their Supervisory Committee closely to develop a personalized individual plan of study. For more information about this track, click here.

Cohort Students

Cohort students will work toward the completion of their degree with a group of teachers and will be enrolled in a directed and specific curriculum. Cohort groups have specific program start and stop dates and requirements that are in addition to the traditional student requirements. Cohorts are developed as needed and are limited to funding and recourse constraints and are not always available to all students. Current Cohort groups include; 2010-12 Biology and Chemistry Cohort and the 2011-13 Mathematics Cohort. These cohort groups of teachers will also receive a granting degree of Masters of Science “Mathematics” (Teaching) at the completion of their program. For more information about this track, click here.