2018-2019 General Catalog 
    Mar 22, 2018  
2018-2019 General Catalog

Computer Engineering, B.S.

Major Requirements for Computer Engineering

The undergraduate program in Computer Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, 415 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21201; Phone: 410-347-7700.
Electrical & Computer Engineering and School of Computing
Merrill Engineering Building, Rm. 2110
50 S Central Campus Dr.,
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Minimum Degree Hours: 124.5
Minimum Major Hours: 97.5

Computer Engineering is a hardware-oriented degree whose requirements include courses offered by the School of Computing and/or the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Computer Engineering includes the design, implementation and programming of digital computers and computer-controlled electronic systems. Computer engineers work with and design computers from embedded systems to networks of GPU’s. Of particular importance to computer engineers is the interfacing of computers with other devices and computers. Computer engineers also design and develop large software systems to analyze and control sophisticated instrumentation.

Admission Requirements

Direct Admission Requirements

Incoming freshmen meeting the following criteria can be directly admitted to the EE or CE major:

  • High School GPA of 3.6 or higher; AND
  • Math ACT Score of at least 28 - OR - SAT Math Score of at least 630. Students must be ready to enroll in Calculus I (MATH 1210 or MATH 1310 or MATH 1311)

Students meeting the above criteria should designate their major as Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering during the online application process. All other students should use the pre-major path described below.

Indirect Admission and the Pre-major Process

Students can also become a Computer Engineering major through a pre-major process or the “traditional” process.

  1. Students should meet with an advisor to declare a “Pre-Electrical Engineering” designation. Pre-majors will be eligible to enroll in all of the courses required to apply for major status.
  2. Once the pre-major courses listed below have been completed, you may then apply for major status by clicking “Apply Now” in the relevant field below.

The Academic Advisor reviews major status applications once at the end of each semester. You will not be able to register for any further ECE or CS classes until your application has been approved.

B.S. Computer Engineering Entry Requirements

Complete the following classes:

  • ECE 1240: Intro to Circuit Design
  • ECE 1245: Intro to Circuit Design Lab
  • ECE 1050: Matlab for ECE Design
  • MATH 1310/1210/1311/1250: Calculus I
  • MATH 1320/1220/1321/1260: Calculus II
  • PHYS 2210/PHYS 3210: Physics for Engineers I
  • CS 1410: Object-oriented Programming
  • CS 2420: Algorithms
  • WRTG 2010/WRTG 2011: Intermediate Writing


Pre-Major GPA of 3.0 or higher
Cumulative U of U GPA of 2.50 or higher

Transfer Students

Maximum credit hours that can be transferred for a single course is 4 credit hours. All transfer classes are subject to evaluation and may be accepted or denied at the discretion of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Graduation Requirements

  • Minimum Cumulative GPA of 2.50.

  • Minimum Technical GPA of 2.50 (calculated from all ECE and CS classes taken).

  • All courses must be completed with a grade C- or better unless otherwise stated. All mathematics classes must be completed with a grade C or better.

  • Courses may only be repeated only once. Courses repeated more than once will only have the second attempt counted in the Technical GPA. All grades, including “W” grades count as one attempt. If the second attempt is a “W” grade, then the first attempt shall be used for purposes of calculating the Technical GPA.

  • Students must complete the online application in Canvas to be admitted to Full-Major Status.

Honors in Computer Engineering

Students seeking an HBS in Computer Engineering must complete:

Combined BS/MS Degree

For more information see our website http://www.ece.utah.edu/bs_ms.

Pre-Major Requirements

Must have a minimum of a 2.80 GPA on pre-major courses, and a 2.5 GPA on all U of U courses.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Courses

Must be completed with grade C- or better.


Must be completed with a grade C- or better.


Complete 1 course(s)

Must be completed with a passing grade.


Must be completed with grade C- or better.

Complete 1 course(s)

Additional Math/Science Classes

Must be completed with a grade C- or better. All math classes must be completed with a grade C or better.

Section 2

Complete one course.

Major Requirements

Freshman Seminar

Must be completed with a grade of CR or C- or better in 1 of the following:

Ethics Requirement

Complete 1 course(s).

Must be completed with a passing grade.

Upper Division

Complete two (2) courses in the General Education and Intellectual Exploration section at 3000-level or above.

Capstone Experience

Complete 1 section.

Must be completed with grade C- or better.

Technical Electives

Complete at least 18 credit hours. Seminars CS 3011, CS 3020, and ECE 3030/ECE 3031 do not count towards CE/ECE technical electives.

These technical electives are chosen from CS/ECE 3000 level or above.

ENGIN 5020, 5790 and 5791 are also accepted classes.

Sample 4-yr Degree Plan

Note: This is just a sample. Log into My Degree Dashboard (in CIS) and meet with your academic advisor to fit a program of study with your academic record.

First Year

Fall Semester

Total Hours: 14.5

Total Hours: 16

Second Year

Fall Semester

Total Hours: 16

Spring Semester

Total Hours: 18

Third Year

Fall Semester

Total Hours: 17

Total Hours: 16

Fourth Year

Fall Semester

Total Hours: 18

Spring Semester

  • Technical Electives 12 Credit(s)
  • General Education - (AI) 3 Credit(s)
Total Hours: 15