2018-2019 General Catalog 
    May 24, 2018  
2018-2019 General Catalog

Applied Ethics Minor

Philosophy Department
215 S. Central Campus Drive
CTIHB, Room 402
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
Phone: 801-581-8161
Fax: 801-585-5195

Minimum Minor Hours: 21

What is Applied Ethics?

The field of applied ethics consists in the analysis of ethical issues as they arise in the management and resolution of real-world problems. Applied (or as it is sometimes called, practical) ethics promotes an ongoing “conversation” between specific cases and pressing issues, on the one hand, and theory and meta-theory on the other. Bioethics, business ethics, and environmental ethics are but a few of the areas of applied ethics that have flourished in recent years, and all three areas are well represented by the faculty at the University of Utah.

In the applied ethics minor, students will learn skills of ethical reasoning and analysis in the context of their preferred area of study. Course work may include: ethics, political philosophy, political thought, or democratic theory; course applying ethical analysis to health care, business and the professions, engineering and the environment, global or social justice, law and politics, or communication and the media; and courses in these particular fields illustrating ethical issues. No prerequisites are required. The minor will be of particular interest to students planning careers in one of the subject matter areas who wish to be able to bring ethical perspectives and skills to their field.

For information about declaring the Applied Ethics Minor please contact Leslie Francis at francisl@law.utah.edu

Area I: Theories of Ethics and Moral Dimensions of Political/Public Life

Complete 2 course(s) for a total of 6 credit hours

Area II: Theories Applied and Growing Out of Specific Issues Areas

Complete at least 2 courses from one of the following groups. Note that both of these courses must be taken from the same group.

Area III: Specific Coursework in Applied Area

Complete 2 course(s)

*As approved by Leslie Francis, from any fields where Applied Ethics are treated. To fulfill this requirement, students are encouraged to take courses in their major which have an ethics emphasis. To speak with Professor Francis regarding courses to populate this area please email francisl@law.utah.edu

Area IV: Elective

Complete 1 course.

Students must take one additional course, to be selected from either Area I or Area II (please see above). This will permit the students either 1) to deepen their understanding of (meta)-theory; or 2) to select an applied theory course from an area other than the chosen already for the emphasis, thus allowing for comparative theoretical analysis and application.