2015-2016 General Catalog 
    Apr 25, 2018  
2015-2016 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health, Society and Policy, H.B.S. - Honors

Major Requirements for Health, Society and Policy

Health, Society and Policy
Orson Spencer Hall, Rm. 370

Minimum Degree Hours: 122
Minimum Major Hours: 39

Graduation Requirements:

  • A minimum of 39 hours in HSP courses are required.
  • All majors courses must be completed with a C- or better. 

Introduction to Health, Society and Policy


Research and Ethical Foundations

Biological, Cultural, & Global Perspectives on Health

Politics, Policy, Resources, and Administration


(Complete 1 additional course from Biological, Cultural, & Global Perspectives on Health; or Politics, Policy, Resources, and Administration)

Special Project



(Complete 1 course, offered Spring semester only to seniors)

Additional Information

No additional allied hours are required for this major. A special project is optional-HSP 5800: Health Society and Policy Internship (1-6), or individual study (see individual departments).

Honors Required Courses

Students who complete the Honors Degree requirements AND maintain a 3.5 gpa will recieve the Honors Degree (H.B.S or H.B.A.) designation on their diploma.

See Honors College  for more information.


Complete 3 additional honors (HONOR or HON attribute) courses.


Complete 1 Honors Thesis course (DEPT 4999) in your major department.

Final thesis must be approved by Honors Advisor.